Friday, September 16, 2011

The Americaters Catering Checklist

Tips and Warnings - To be considered

Planning an event? Whether it's your wedding, corporate event, baby shower or graduation, we give you a list of things to consider before selecting the ideal caterer for your event.

Because of the industry we are in, it's important you interview all your potential caterers. A lot of people make the mistake of calling by telephone and asking how much the service will cost them, without considering the details involved with the price and packages offered by the company.

If you're looking for an inexpensive and economic service you are taking a risk. You might not get what you've been promised. If a company is offering a low price, you should be on the guard. They are cutting costs to give you the service, ranging from less staff to attend to your guests waiters and kitchen helpers alike, smaller portions, substituted or lower quality ingredients in your food. We can't tell you how many times an event has failed because of a poor quality service from vendors, leaving the bride in tears on her wedding day.
Lower price = Lower quality + cutting costs

Investigate the caterer you have selected, look up reviews and also ask the venues directors/staff and other vendors if they have worked with the company before. Look at what they offer on their web page, look for photos, videos and blogs. The Internet the best tool when it comes to checking the integrity of a company. Don't simply focus on reviews alone because there are companies who write their own reviews. There are also sneaky vendors who maliciously write fake bad reviews about their competitors. Keep a look out for companies that have an excessive amount of reviews for the time it's been in business. 

The catering service is important in any event, because of that reason you should consider hiring a company who is flexible and dependable. One that offers a variety of foods in their menu so that if your food of choice is not on the menu, the company should be capable to prepare it for you. It's always crucial to do a food tasting before your event. Consider only companies who have their own commercial kitchen, this demonstrates that the company is well established and has the proper licenses and insurance required by the state. In other words, operates legally as a real company.

Read the contract from top to bottom. The document should be available to you before you've even made a decision and it is always a plus if it is publically published such as on the companies website. The contract should have a list of clauses that will protect both the client and the caterer in certain situations so everything is clear and actions are being handled by both parties. Look for clauses that have to do with cancelations, delays or re-scheduled dates and methods of payment. Nothing should be assumed, the contract should have everything clearly outlined in front of you. Don't take responses like "Don't worry about it", "It isn't important", "Everything will be fine", etc. All the details should be included in the document such as linens, silverware, colors, amount of staff, hours of operation, taxes, service charge etc. Remember a contract that is short and simple will not work in your favor, since so much is left unclear.

A catering company should never ask you for more than a 20% deposit to reserve the date for your event. If the company asks for a larger deposit amount you are taking a big risk. 

A cater that offers liquor as part of the service should show you the corresponding license to serve alcohol off-site. Regardless, always consider buying your own liquor to avoid the risk of substitutions during an event.

Contracting a coordinator for the day of your event is always a good idea as long as they are experienced. If a coordinator or the venue of your choosing is recommending a specific catering company, always ask them about all the companies they can recommend. Something you might not know is that in most cases, vendors and coordinators get a cut to guide and tour you to the highest bidding company which isn't always the best for you. In some cases, they will also slander another company's good name just to get payed. So always do your own research, and don't just go to one source.

Consider all these points as a guide to help you create the perfect event. You invest your time, expectations and money so all the details of your event can come together as you planned. Choose the professionals with real proof of experience and use clear contracts. Verify and use real references, so you can completely enjoy your event worry free.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's all in the details!

It’s all in the details. We all know the importance of details in a Wedding Day.

All those small things that will make that special day unforgettable for you and your guests.
After you have set your budget, you can start to planning and decide the formality of your Big Day. You need to book your ceremony location, then your reception venue, then you need to start to visiting Caterers companies, photographers, videographers. After you have set your budget, you can start to planning and decide the formality of your Big Day. You need to book your flowers designers etc, all the vendors that will be involved in your event. 

During this time you will be planning the basis of your wedding day. It is a good idea to get a "Bridal Book" so you can keep all your important details and questions wrote down to discuss when you meet each professional.

After you choose the theme and colors of your wedding, you can start to planning all those small details as: the invitations and stationary, the welcome gifts, the favors, the rentals, photo booth, floral, fashion accessories and decor. Enjoy the process, be creative of all the visual details of your wedding.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beach Weddings

Beach wedding celebrations are very popular in South Florida and the
Florida Keys are a fantastic place for a haute beach wedding. In this
particular wedding we love the simplicity of all the details of the
day, that allow the love between the bride and groom to really shine.
The bride & groom had a clear vision of what they wanted on their wedding
day: fun, relaxed, elegant beach wedding so they decided to do the
entire event on the beach. They chose Conch Key Cottages, a relaxing
and bohemian private island resort surrounded by water and nestled
discreetly in the heart of the fabled Florida Keys. As you can see the
ceremony was set up on one side of the beach, and the reception at the
beach under a tent with details in vibrant oranges and yellows. It was a
memorable and wonderful night!

Please check out this video recap of Mires Wedding:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Having a Vintage wedding?
Vintage weddings are as popular as they ever were. The fashion world
looks back to bygone eras for inspiration, and now the wedding world
is following suit! If you’re planning a vintage wedding and you’re
looking for ideas, you can get some here. Every wedding magazine is
full of vintage inspiration, and vintage wedding ideas are all over
the internet, so you can’t go wrong hunting for inspiration for your
vintage wedding day. Many couples are incorporating the vintage
elements into their weddings as laces, pearls, crystals and vintage
accessories for example you can decorate your guest tables with
crystals and pearls or vintage vases, use peonies, roses or
wildflowers for an eclectic look! Use a Chandelier as a wonderful
element! Every wedding venue can be decorated in vintage style and some of the top wedding venues are stately homes with a sense of history and beauty which perfectly suits a vintage wedding day. Having a Vintage style Wedding is a great

Monday, July 11, 2011

Decorating with nature! The "Eco-Theme"

Going with an eco-themed wedding can mean bringing the outside in. Couples are using things like branches, greenery, stones, seashells or leaves as wedding d├ęcor today. These options are economical and simple. Couples are using their creativity to make the most out of what they can find outdoors. And when done right, using nature as a decorating palette can exude an easy elegance like no other. An eco-themed event always puts guests first, making the atmosphere warm, inviting and comfortable. Choose decorations that evoke these feelings. Flowers in rustic twig or woven baskets can be wildflowers, daisies, small sunflowers or any flower that the bride loves. Bridesmaids and flower girls can carry baskets as well, or simply carry small bouquets tied with big bows of printed or solid fabric. Traditional wedding centerpieces often revolve around floral arrangements, though the modern era welcomes inventive and contemporary styles for just about anything. Unleash your creativity and open your mind to new and memorable ideas for unique wedding centerpieces. Some of the most elegant, unusual and unforgettable decorative touches can exist even within a strict budget.

Americaters Team Ideas.